British Driving Society
Dorset and South Wiltshire BDS





Area Commissioner and Treasurer

Ann James Tel: 01202 886501

Website Co-ordinator

Terry James Tel: 01202 886501

Newsletter Editor

Sandy Smyth Tel: 01258 880197

We are seeking a Rights of Way Officer – if you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Sue Wiles on

Steering Group

Our Area Steering Group Members are:

Ann James 01202 886501
Terry James 01202 886501
Tony Munt 01305  849056 Mob: 07711 749610
Sandy Smyth 01258 880197
Alison Trevett 01258 881295 (evenings & weekends)
Jen VanIwaarden 07784 630326
Sue Wiles 01305 849056

Please feel free to contact a Steering Group member with any questions or suggestions you may have concerning Area activities.