Dorset and South Wiltshire BDS






Duty of Care and Accident Prevention

As in all walks of life accidents will occasionally happen but many may be avoided by following the guidelines below.

Additional requirements for Dorset and South Wiltshire Area events involving turnouts:

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to ensure everyone always drives with due care and attention, for both their own and the safety of others. Please take every possible care at all times and be aware that if there is concern about your turnout at an event, you could be asked to leave.

f you are in any doubt about how you, your groom and your horse(s) will cope at any event, please seek advice from a qualified instructor or experienced whip. A list of LHHIs (Light Harness Horse Instructors) is given in the BDS Yearbook.

Before attending any BDS event with a young or inexperienced horse, please ensure he/she will be happy in the company of other turnouts - arrange a trip out with just one other turnout initially, seeing how your horse goes both following and in front of another turnout and when you pass one another.

Without exception attendance at events with turnouts is restricted to BDS members only - if you know someone who would like to come along with their turnout, but is not a member, encourage them to join ASAP.

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